Saturday, June 7, 2014

Perhaps commuting terrorists' sentences will finally be taken off the politicians' tables?

...It's painful (an understatement) for us to see politicians claiming credit now for a bill, not yet a law, that will do zero to reverse the profound harm caused by the decisions they themselves took in the past three years. Still, if its effect in the future is to remove from the hands of the government's executive branch the power to overturn and undermine the decisions of the judges, the courts and the law for reasons of political expediency, that may yet be a basis for something good in the future. Or not. With politicians, it can often be hard to tell.

Palestinian Arab protesters demanding still
 terrorist releases. The poster
features the face of 
Abdullah Barghouti
who killed 66 Israelis 
including our
 daughter and has said publicly 
will kill more once he is freed. [
Image Source]
Frimet/Arnold Roth..
This Ongoing War..
06 June '14..

Readers of this blog know the passion with which we oppose terrorists being freed prematurely from the prison cells to which they were sentenced for their crimes. Those releases, mostly the result of extortion, rarely have anything to do with the felons or their perceived sense of repentance, and much to do with political considerations.

Those considerations are wrong on several levels, principally because of the irreversible harm they do to justice. We have tried hard to express that over and again during the past few years:


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