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Sugarcoating and Spice and..., Hamas is Still Hamas

...Hamas is still the same Hamas. Isn’t it time media such as The Economist deal with that reality instead of sugarcoating terrorism?

Simon Plosker..
Honest Reporting..
08 June '14..

The formation of a new Palestinian unity government has brought with it a sudden need to sweep the issue of Hamas under the proverbial carpet on the part of some media (and foreign governments). The Economist is a case in point. According to the magazine:

This time the team is technocratic and Hamas-free. It recognises Israel and disavows violence.

The reality, however, is that the government is backed by Hamas, which has notably not recognized Israel and remains committed to its destruction through violent means.

The Economist continues:

Those who wish to give Hamas a fresh chance say Mr Netanyahu’s accusations of terrorism are out of date. Hamas leaders stopped ordering suicide-bombings nearly a decade ago; despite Israel’s continuing blockade of Gaza, it has largely abided by ceasefire agreements. The Palestinians note bitterly that Israel has killed several hundred Palestinian civilians since Hamas took over Gaza, whereas rockets fired from the enclave into Israel in the same period have killed less than a score of Israelis.

That Hamas’ methods have changed over the years is irrelevant when considering that the terror organization is responsible for murdering hundreds of Israelis. The blockade of Gaza exists precisely to prevent Hamas terrorists from acquiring the resources necessary to maintain a terror infrastructure.

Ceasefire agreements have come to an end due to Hamas terror activities and rocket attacks. Indeed, Hamas has been responsible for the firing of thousands of rockets at Israeli cities and the only reason that the Israeli death toll is mercifully low is because Israel has taken measures to protect its civilian population, for example, the building of protected areas and the deployment of Iron Dome anti-missile batteries.

Hamas is still the same Hamas. Isn’t it time media such as The Economist deal with that reality instead of sugarcoating terrorism?

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