Monday, June 9, 2014

Saeb Erekat, Fabrications and Cold-Blooded Lying All Wrapped-Up Into One

...the issue is not with Erekat. As the Turks said, he is a man of "incoherence", and they were being polite and restrained. The problem - the far greater problem - is with all those editors, analysts, politicians and civil servants who deal with this disgraceful man as if he were the genuine article, as a man seeking peace. It's not possible they are unaware of the truth.

Frimet/Arnold Roth..
This Ongoing War..
09 June '14....

Some ten days ago, the man universally known to the media as the Chief Palestinian Negotiator, said about Israel that it

seeks to destroy the two-state-solution and replace it with a one state solution with two different systems; the apartheid regime...

Saeb Erekat went on. Not content with blaming Israel for single-handedly destroying something ("the two-state solution") that was never actually implemented, and comparing it to South Africa's apartheid regime for good measure, he picked up steam and launched into a more concrete, credible-sounding allegation. Referring (it seems) to the period commencing August 2013, Ereket trumpeted a claim that Israel had

killed, in cold-blood, more than 66 Palestinians... among other measures.

You can see the published text in a news report on the WAFA news agency web site. WAFA is owned and controlled by the Palestinian Authority. The lines it takes can safely be regarded as the positions of the moment being promoted by the Mahmoud Abbas regime.

Not every analyst would get as hot and bothered as we do about systematically extravagant, exaggerated and hateful claims by Arab leaders. One who does is a senior researcher at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs whose work we and many others greatly admire. He went off and looked coolly and closely at the facts behind the deaths that Erekat - whose work we certainly do not admire - cites. His name is Jonathan D. Halevi and his findings are published in a paper released earlier today.


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