Sunday, June 29, 2014

Google is not definitive but still, it is often a lot more honest than the UN

...Notice the person thrown to the ground...and imagine the absolute terror of having a quiet Saturday evening, close to twilight, explode all around you. This was an act of war - nothing less.

Paula M. Stern..
A Soldier's Mother..
29 June '14..

Okay, I accept that the Google search engine is not the definitive way to describe an issue or conflict, but still, it is often a lot more honest than the UN.

If you search for "Rockets from Australia" - you get a bunch of hits about building model rockets.

If you search for "Rockets from Peru" - you get proud announcements of all Peruvian-developed rockets that can reach outer space.

They're very proud of their rockets. If you search for "Rockets from Gaza" or "Rockets from Israel" - you get almost identical results - page after page, millions of websites - and most report about rocket attacks FROM Gaza, hitting Israel.

Yasir Arafat (may his memory be erased and may all that he worked for be damned), once said the rockets being fired at Israel were toys, nothing to worry about, that they never hurt anyone. Lies upon lies spoken by one of the best Palestinian liars ever. Although, to be honest, he has excellent competition from today's Palestinian leaders - including at least one who "serves" in the Israeli Knesset.

What is amazing is that there is a whole Wikipedia page dedicated to "List of Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel 2014". Each entry is documented, cited, proven.

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