Thursday, April 18, 2013

Why convicted Palestinian Arab terrorist prisoners need to be set free - Three compelling reasons

From 2012 Palestinian Prisoners' Day: The prisoner in the
poster on the
right is Abdullah Barghouti. See background here
and here about the man and his monstrous crimes [Image Source]
Frimet/Arnold Roth..
This Ongoing War..
18 April '13..

Yesterday was Palestinian Prisoners' Day:

Palestinians across the territories attended marches and rallies Wednesday as a show of solidarity with prisoners from the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza held in Israeli facilities. Some 3,000 Palestinians in Israeli jails on Wednesday refused breakfast as part of a one-day hunger strike to mark Prisoners' Day, an Israeli prison official said. [Al Akhbar English, Beirut]

The number of Palestinian Arab prisoners in Israeli jails is estimated by the ultra-left Israeli political pressure group B’Tselem at 4,713. It's a number widely quoted in the media today. So too are the public events that were held to draw attention to the day.

Speaking of prisoner numbers, a different news report also from yesterday describes the close ties that bind prisoners from Fatah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas and other splinter factions inside Israeli jails. Outside prison, they murder each other, but their shared hatred for everything Israeli ensures that they find a modus vivendi while serving their time. The article mentions in passing that out of the total population of incarcerated Palestinian Arab prisoners, no fewer than 2,325 have “blood on their hands” or were involved in acts of violence against Israeli soldiers. 550 of them are serving life terms; this is not for parking offences.


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