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Ban Ki-moon Gets Boston but Blanks Out on Israel

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18 April '13..

In a stunning example of double-standards when it comes to everything Israel at the UN, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon held a news conference today and was asked about the terror attack on Boston and a new rocket attack into the Israeli town of Eilat. Here's the question and his response.

Question: often remark on terrorist events around the world. Two days in, do you have anything to say about Boston? Also this morning, a rocket attack in Israel.

Secretary-General: I have already issued my statement, immediately after this tragic incident which happened on the occasion of the Boston Marathon. I have strongly condemned such an attack against civilian populations. Many people were wounded, with three people killed. I have conveyed my deepest condolences and sympathies for all those wounded and killed. Now what is important is that I've been closely following all of the investigations by the authorities of the United States. I sincerely hope that they will be able to find the perpetrators and bring anybody, whoever may be [guilty], to justice. The United Nations is also strengthening safety and security measures throughout all the United Nations compounds. We are also trying to strengthen the security measures all throughout the missions around the world. I sincerely hope that the international community should be committed and united in fighting against any such terrorist attacks.

Question: And the rockets in Israel?

Secretary-General: Let me just have one question by one person. Thank you very much.

Press Conference by Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon at United Nations Headquarters, G/SM/14954

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