Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Denunciations of terror attack in Arabic? Really?

Elder of Ziyon..
30 April '13..

When Israel haters need to find an easy "proof" that Jews and Zionists are racists, they go to Facebook or YouTube or any other uncensored comment forum and find some convenient anti-Arab or anti-Muslim bigot to quote. It is a lazy way to pretend to make a point, because every group has some idiots so the existence of idiots is used to generalize about the entire group. They ignore the denunciations of the bigots on those same forums, because that would ruin their thesis.

Of course, these "progressives" are engaging in stereotyping, and obvious dishonesty, which is a major crime when anyone else does it, but that doesn't matter to them. They pretend they are revealing a "higher truth," which is pretty much how they justify their own bigotry.

But in the aftermath of this morning's terror attack, and most* others, there is something striking about the Arab comments on various venues.

They are unanimously supportive of killing Israeli civilians.

I cannot find a single naysayer, a single person who says that killing a father of five standing at a bus stop is wrong. On the contrary, they will often try to justify it as a "right" or as if it is an obligation under international law.


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