Thursday, December 22, 2011

Roth - Know them by their actions. Oh, and by their smiles.

The head of the PA speaks [picture source]
to a celebration rally 
in Ramallah on
Oct 18, 2011 when the first 477 murderers 

were released by Israel. "Every prisoner 
from every faction is holy to us
and we must exalt them", 
he said.
Frimet/Arnold Roth
This Ongoing War
21 December '11

For almost as long as there has been organized human society, awards - often in the form of medals - have been given to those whom the society considers to represent its core values.

The Palestine Liberation Organization has such an award. It's called the Jerusalem (or Al-Quds) Medal, and the decision to give it to someone is made only after the head of the PLO signs off. The head of the PLO, for years the appalling Yasser Arafat, is today Mahmoud Abbas, who in his day job is head of one of the two Palestinian Arab governments, the one called the Palestinian Authority.

Abbas made the decision two years ago to award his organization's Al-Quds Medal to five Arabs who were all, at the time, incarcerated in Israeli prisons, having been tried and convicted for murder. One was a woman called Tamimi, convicted on 15 counts of murder, including the murder of our daughter. Another was Amna Muna, sometimes called Mona Najar, sometimes called Mona Jaud Awana, and always called a terrorist and a convicted murderer. She got these labels not because of her political views but because of the cold-blooded murder of an unarmed Jewish boy of sixteen which she engineered. (The background is here.) Why murder? In Mona's case, she had been present at the Ramallah lynching in October 2000 when two Israelis were ripped apart, literally, by a mob of frenzied Arabs, and she was "excited" by what she saw.

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