Monday, December 19, 2011

Elder - Fayyadism: Jesus was a "Palestinian"

Elder of Ziyon
18 December '11

A certain op-ed columnist for a certain prestigious newspaper loves to talk about what he calls "Fayyadism," the notion that a non-elected prime minister for a non-elected government who has virtually no public support is the potential savior of Palestinian Arab nationalism because of his moderate, pragmatic, Western-oriented mindset.

Last week, Fayyad said something that is completely at odds with history as well as religion. He said that Christmas was an opportunity to "celebrate the Palestinian identity of Jesus Christ."

I am no expert on Christianity, but I was under the impression that Christians believe that Jesus had a message for the entire world, not for one narrow set of people who were not going to be invented until some 1900 years later.

If the most moderate and most pragmatic leader in Palestinian Arab history can falsify history and insult hundreds of millions so easily, how can anyone expect that any Palestinian Arab would ever be trusted to say anything truthful?

The star-struck columnist would of course pooh-pooh this incident as simply politics, or playing to the crowd, or something. He would never notice the irony that the current government headed by Fayyad would have executed their citizens for selling land to Jesus, the Jew.

I'll give Fayyad credit for one thing, though. He is known for pushing transparency in government - and this lie is about as transparent as one can be.

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