Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gordon - Hamas’ Naked Bloodlust

Evelyn Gordon
16 December '11

Hamas celebrated its 24th anniversary this week, and like any organization, it used the occasion to issue a press release detailing its achievements. So here, according to its own press release, are what Hamas considers its most notable achievements: It has killed 1,365 Israelis and wounded 6,411 since 1987. It has carried out 1,117 attacks on Israel, including 87 suicide bombings, and fired 11,093 rockets at Israel. And it has lost 1,848 of its own members to this noble cause.

Then, lest anyone fail to get the message, Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh made it explicit at a mass rally to mark the anniversary. “Resistance is the way and it is the strategic choice to liberate Palestine from the (Jordan) river to the (Mediterranean) sea and to remove the invaders from the blessed land of Palestine,” Haniyeh said, making it clear there’s no room in his vision for a Jewish state in any borders. “Hamas … will lead the people towards uprising after uprising until all of Palestine is liberated.” And the crowd replied by chantingm “We will never recognize Israel.”

Hamas’ boasts are almost certainly exaggerated: It claims “credit” for more than 80 percent of all Israeli casualties since 1987, whereas Israeli data shows a much more equal distribution between Hamas and its rival, Fatah, aka Israel’s “peace partner.” But its eagerness to claim responsibility for more than its fair share of murders merely underscores the point that, far from being moderated by the responsibilities of governance, Hamas’ years in control of Gaza haven’t slaked its thirst for Israeli blood one whit.

There are several reasons why this ought to give pause to all those, from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to the New York Times, who routinely blame Israel for the impasse in the peace process. First, as Elliott Abrams noted, there’s little point in negotiating a peace agreement with half the Palestinian polity while the other half remains committed to Israel’s eradication, as that makes it unlikely a Palestinian state could actually deliver the promised peace.

More importantly, it’s hard to see how peace is possible when a sizable portion of the Palestinian public shares Hamas’ genocidal goals. About one-third of Palestinians (excluding the undecided) say they plan to vote Hamas in the next election. Even taken at face value, that’s a minority far too large to ignore, and in reality, the figure is probably larger: Polls also predicted a Fatah victory before the last election, which Hamas won handily.

Then there’s the fact that Israel’s “peace partner” feels it has enough in common with this genocidal organization to decide to form a unit government with it. That ought to cast doubt on Fatah’s commitment to peace even among those untroubled by other evidence.

Finally, there’s what it says about the broader land-for-peace paradigm. Abrams argued that how newly-elected Islamist parties in other Arab countries respond to Hamas’s genocidal goals will be a good test of their intentions. But in one case, we already know the answer: Hamas announced last week that it was formally joining the Muslim Brotherhood, which, shortly after winning Egypt’s elections, has already announced plans to reconsider Egypt’s own peace with Israel. In other words, the change in government in Egypt is making that peace treaty look decidedly shaky; would a treaty signed with Fatah to create a state where Hamas could someday win power be more stable?

One can understand why many Westerners prefer to avert their eyes from these facts; Hamas’ naked bloodlust isn’t pretty. But if you really want to understand why the “peace process” has failed, you won’t find a more concise explanation than Hamas’ own press release.

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1 comment:

  1. In a sane world, the recent "Press Release" issued by Hamas in celebration of its 24th Anniversary would be recognized by all people, everywhere on Planet Earth, as the absolute last nail in the coffin for any so-called "Peace Process" to appear to possess a single iota of credibility.

    In any future Presidential debate if any challenger takes out the new Hamas Press Release, reads the pertinent parts to POTUS Obama and simply asks him if this reflects someone interested in making genuine peace with the State of Israel, I venture to predict that regardless of any glib nonsense that issues from Obama's lips, the winner of the 2012 Presidential election will become an immediate 'fait accompli', handily won by Obama's 'Hamas Press Release' waving challenger.

    Between all the gibberish spouted by Obama, Biden, Clinton, Panetta, et al, about Israel having a realistic and/or serious Peace partner, all in the face of proof to the contrary, as proven in multiple Hamas Press Releases, a victory in the coming Presidential election is the Republican challenger's to lose.

    Even the American people, good hearted as they are, have their limits as to just how much nonsense they will tolerate from a White House Administration, before they cry out in unison:
    "The Emperor Has No Clothes"

    As the great Aba Eban so correctly observed: The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

    Hamas certainly has proven to the entire world why they cannot be trusted by the State of Israel in any present or future discussions regarding a "Two State solution".

    Why don't people like Leon Panetta, et al, take their heads out of the "damn" sand - once and for all.

    Are they too "damn" blind or just too "damn" stupid ?