Thursday, December 22, 2011

Amrousi - Abbas and the company he keeps

Emily Amrousi
Israel Hayom
22 December '11

Amna Muna, or "Sali" as she called herself while chatting over the Internet with the young Ofir Rahum, watched with great interest as Hassan al-Qadi riddled Ofir's body with a Kalashnikov rifle.

Afterwards, she and her girlfriends went out for a nice meal before she hurried off to a defensive driving course. Ever since being freed in the Shalit deal, she and her terrorist friends have enjoyed the generous sponsorship of PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

At public appearances broadcast on Palestinian television, our "peace partner" is careful to laud and praise these terrorists in no uncertain terms. Shortly after the prisoner exchange deal, he announced that he would allocate $5 million as a "token of our esteem for the prisoners and as a personal gesture from the president."

At a speech in Ramallah he told the murderers that "your sacrifice and efforts were not in vain." About a month ago he met with failed suicide bomber Amal Juma’ah and presented her with a map of Greater "Palestine" (including all of Israel's territory) inscribed with the lines of a poem: "Mother, death has come, prepare the shroud/Mother, I march toward death without hesitation."

Re-read those poetic lines and then take another look at the photo of the civilized, clean-shaven man wearing a suit and tie. He does not even bother to hide his views. Gone is the double-speak and pretense of the Arafat era. Abbas speaks with open mockery and defiance of Israel. In 2005 he told a Jordanian newspaper: "I had the honor of firing the first bullet against Israel. Since that time, he looks on benevolently at his thousands of devoted students who fire bullets at Israel.

On Tuesday night, Abbas met with the murderer who seduced young Ofir Rahum to his death. We must not let him seduce us to our deaths.

It is time to remove the blinders. If Abbas tells us in every conceivable language that he is not a peace partner, maybe we should start believing him.

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