Sunday, December 25, 2011

Is Israel once again the annual Christmas bash?

Love of the Land
25 December '11

Over at CAMERA's blog one can find following:

Holiday Cheer from Presbyterian Peacemakers on Christmas Eve

The Israel Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church USA is an organization created by the PC(USA)'s 2004 General Assembly to educate Presbyterians about the Arab-Israeli conflict. Under the cover of this mission, the IPMN traffics in anti-Zionist and in some instances, anti-Semitic, propaganda which it broadcasts not only to members of the PC(USA), but to the general public.

This propaganda can be regularly seen on IPMN's Facebook page. One example of this type of propaganda can be seen in the cartoon posted above. The cartoon, posted on IPMN's Facebook page on Christmas Eve, shows two Israeli soldiers harassing Santa Claus. One soldier rummages through Santa's bag of gifts, another searches Santa for weapons. Santa himself has his hands up against a concrete section of the security barrier. A church steeple can be seen off in the distance. [And as one commenter below observes, the soldier rummaging through Santa's toys has a hooked nose, giving the image an obviously anti-Semitic touch.]

The image itself was posted by an administrator from the Israel Palestine Mission Network, for which the Presbyterian Church (USA) provides fundraising assistance. Whoever posted the cartoon opined "At first, this cartoon seems a bit much, then it sinks in that unfortunately, it's spot on!"

The failure of the PC(USA) to hold the IPMN accountable for images like this has been an ongoing problem.

As at this time every year, pieces like this manage to avoid a much more obvious problem, by misdirecting the uninformed as to where the real problem lies.

This video from the JCPA may help on that account.

Uploaded by TheJerusalemCenter on Dec 22, 2011

As we approach the Christmas season Prof. Justus Reid Weiner discusses the situation regarding Christians living in Palestinian Authority controlled Bethlehem as opposed to those Christians living in Nazareth, Israel.

Justus Reid Weiner, Esq., teaches human rights and international law at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He has been a visiting professor at Boston University Law School and authored the monograph Human Rights of Christians in Palestinian Society, published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and available at:

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