Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Fifth of Iyar has Not Replaced the Ninth of Av

by Dr. Israel Eldad
Published in Sullam, 5710 (1950)

The unfortunate fact embodied in the title symbolizes more than anything that the historical occurrence begun on the eve of the Ninth of Av, that which we call Exile, has not yet come to its conclusion. And not necessarily because Jews still remain in the Diaspora, for even before the destruction of the Temple Jews were living in Diaspora countries.

Of course the in-gathering of the exiles is the goal of Zionism. Of course the conquest of the land is the goal of the liberation movement, but redemption, that primary and deepest and most encompassing concept of the Hebrew language, this Redemption cannot be without the abrogation of Tisha B’Av, which means the actualization of that symbol whose destruction began the Diaspora, though there were Romans in this country even before then and there were Jews dispersed in the world before then, and though there was a Jewish majority in this country even hundreds of years afterwards. And just as there is no substitute for Eretz Israel so can there be no substitute for that singular site.

The Building of the Third Temple is not the goal of Redemption, it will be the expression of Redemption. The Redemption of the nation and of its G-d. And this focal point will radiate power.

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