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Expulsion of Jews (1992)

Expulsion of Jews (1492 -1992) : Dry Bones cartoon.Today's cartoon is a Golden Oldie from 1992.

In 1492 the Jews of Spain were ripped out of their homes, towns, and villages and expelled. Exactly 500 years later, in 1992, the government of Spain apologised. Interestingly, that was the very same year that an American administration set as its goal the expulsion of the Jews of the "West Bank" from their homes, towns, and villages.

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From the New York Times (April 1, 1992):
500 Years After Expulsion, Spain Reaches Out to Jews

"In a poignant ceremony marking the 500th anniversary of the expulsion of the Jews from Spain, President Chaim Herzog of Israel and Spain's King, Juan Carlos, prayed together in the synagogue of Madrid today. Their gesture symbolized reconciliation between their people.
For Mr. Herzog, it was an occasion that "closes one more of the many painful cycles in the history of our people." And he added: "We cannot change the past. But we can learn its lessons and thus assure a better future for ourselves and humanity."
For Juan Carlos, it was a chance both to pay homage to the exiled Sephardic Jewish communities that have never forgotten their Spanish roots and to tell Jews that Sefarad -- the Hebrew name for Spain -- was "no longer nostalgia" because the country was once again their home.
The King, who wore a skullcap, was accompanied by Queen Sofia. "It may seem odd to choose the anniversary of a separation for a meeting of such profound significance," he said. "But the history of all people and, without doubt, that of Spain, is full of lights and shadows." A Dubious Choice,
The expulsion edict of March 31, 1492, signed by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in Granada, ordered "the departure of all Jews from our kingdoms with instructions that they should never return." Facing death if they stayed beyond July 31 that year, 100,000 to 200,000 fled the country."

I posted the 1992 cartoon because of the current expulsion orders coming out of Washington. Back then it was Republican George H.W. Bush with Secretary of State Baker, now it's Democrat Barack Obama with Secretary of State Clinton. Different names, different faces, different political parties. Seventeen years later and America's leader for "change" is giving us the old "same old". The 1992 cartoon closed with an angry Mr. Shuldig ...he's still angry.

Your thoughts?

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