Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Been There, Done That

By Moshe Feiglin
7 Av, 5767 (July 28, '09)

All the well-oiled systems, the chartered buses, the settlement secretariat, the familiar demonstration machine were perfectly orchestrated for Monday's protest against "American pressure." "We must strengthen Netanyahu," they explained in the settlement synagogues. The small turnout shows that the public understands that any protest led by the same people who had them pointlessly marching around the fence of Kfar Maimon will ultimately achieve the same results.

At the same time, pioneering youth built 11 new outposts in the Land of Israel. Anonymous sources in the Yesha Council denounced the youth, claiming that their actions are detrimental to the building of the land. I don't understand how settling the land is detrimental to the building of the land, but it is quite clear that it is detrimental to the stability of the old Yesha leadership.

After Monday's demonstration, Ynet reported that "Yesha Council Director, Pinchas Wallerstein, said that the American pressure on Israel this week reached heights that are an embarrassment to a democratic society." Wallerstein's concern for democracy is touching. But wasn't it Danny Dayan who was elected to head the New Yesha Council? The council that cleansed itself of the betrayal and cooperation with the destruction of Gush Katif? How has Wallerstein turned up once again? What democratic procedure re-installed the star of the Gush Katif fiasco to front stage?

Yes, there is truly nothing new under the sun. This is not the first time that a pioneering public wishes to build and counter the grand collapse of its leaders. And it is not the first time that those established leaders make grandiose declarations, stage huge demonstrations with unclear goals and all the while, stab the pioneers in the back.

Winter, 5754 (1993) – 16 years ago. After countless attempts to convince the Yesha Council to build outposts throughout Yesha, Zo Artzeinu proceeded with the plan, called Mivtza Machpil, by itself. Settlement groups were prepared and the general public was enthusiastic; ready and willing to carry out the plan that could very well have prevented the signing of the Oslo Accords and all the horrific events that have transpired since. And who denounced the pioneers and took action to prevent Mivtza Machpil from being implemented?
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