Thursday, July 23, 2009

Destruction with a Smile

By Moshe Feiglin
29 Tamuz, 5769 (July 21,'09)

Just one day after Netanyahu's assertive words against the US demand to halt all construction in East Jerusalem, his bulldozers already began to destroy outposts in Samaria. In his televised speech on Sunday, Netanyahu explained that a demand to halt construction in Jerusalem is intolerable. If this demand were to be made in a different city in the world, it would be labeled anti-Semitism, he declared.

The same logic, however, can be applied to all the towns and settlements in Judea and Samaria. Why is a forced construction freeze in Jerusalem anti-Semitic, while the same freeze in Judea and Samaria accepted policy?

This failure in simple logic together with our negative experience with Netanyahu in the past, leads us to the conclusion that there is a connection between his strong stand on Jerusalem and the destruction of the outposts that came on its heels.

Netanyahu is much more dangerous than Sharon or Olmert. He doesn't have more sentiment for the Land of Israel than Sharon and he doesn't have more sentiment for Judaism or the Likud than Olmert. With considerable shrewdness, Netanyahu has surrounded himself with a gaggle of fools with crocheted kippot on their heads. With their help, he slowly but surely carries out the demands of the US and Europe and even more important – Israel's leftist elite.

Netanyahu didn't just announce out of the clear blue sky – as Sharon did before him - that he would give the "Palestinians" a state. He introduced his dramatic announcement with a fiery speech on Israel's historic right to this land and on the Jewishness of the State of Israel. Netanyahu did not attack head on, like Olmert in Amona. He "stings" in the places that his advisors tell him the Nationalist public can tolerate. And so, with gentle strokes and meaningful winks to the nationalist public and the Land of Israel faithful in the Likud – who so desperately want to believe that they have a leader who is "one of the boys," Netanyahu achieves his goals easily and efficiently.

If Netanyahu speaks about our historical right to the Golan Heights, we had better begin to worry about our northern flank. If Netanyahu vows not to forget Jerusalem, then Jerusalem is in danger. The settlements are in even greater danger, because they must be destroyed so that Netanyahu can keep his promise on Jerusalem.

Netanyahu's style may be different than Sharon's or Olmert's. But his method is amazingly similar to the method that Sharon used to destroy Gush Katif: First of all, put together a narrow coalition, carried by the votes of the Right. After that, stabilize the government and get the budget passed. Then destroy settlements, bring the Left into the coalition, fire the rightist ministers and destroy to your heart's content. It is very simple. And it is exactly what Netanyahu is doing today.

Now that Netanyahu has stabilized his coalition and passed the national budget, he is preparing for the next stage; bolstering his coalition by bringing in MKs from the Left. When that happens, the Likud MKs loyal to the Land of Israel will become irrelevant, and Netanyahu will comfortably implement the Left's policies.

Every loyal Jew tries to figure out what makes Bibi do it. But after Begin and Sinai, Bibi on his first round and Hebron and Sharon and Gush Katif, we know that the question is not 'why' but 'when and how'.

The thought process that is not based on faith is circular. A believing person knows that there is a Creator Who directs history toward a certain goal. This thought process is linear, or actually, a spiral ascending toward its ultimate goal. Sometimes there are setbacks, but the dynamic is spiral.

The logic employed by Netanyahu, Sharon and Olmert is devoid of G-d. Their rationale is circular (which is actually idolatrous). There is nothing before me and nothing after me. All that exists is what I am experiencing here and now. Just like the Biblical spies, Netanyahu sees the ominous reality, the world pressure and the Left. He is clueless about the true value of the Nation of Israel and its uniqueness.

We can expect nothing more from Netanyahu, who excludes G-d from his list of considerations, than complete withdrawal. He is not on the spiral that constantly progresses toward its goal. He is in the middle of a circle, in which no motion is significant. All that one can do from the middle of the circle is to try to preserve the current situation. Betrayal is built in to circular thinking. Loyalty to anything is impossible. Netanyahu has already betrayed us in the past and he will continue to betray any fool who trusts him in the future.

Currently, Netanyahu is putting all his weight behind the Mofaz and Smolianski laws.

Bibi is not a bulldozer like Sharon. He is calculated and slick. He didn't demand that the Likud bring Kadimah into its coalition. On the contrary – his proposal means the end of Kadimah. If the Likud supports the Mofaz law (See Mofaz Law Hijack), Shaul Mofaz of Kadimah will be able to defect from his party with a group of Kadimah MKs and to join the coalition. Netanyahu will buy the support of the nationalists for this move by promising Ketzaleh a position, and the Slomianski law will ensure that the Jewish Home MKs will once again be the patrons of the Religious Zionist schools and institutions. When it will become necessary, they will all be thrown to the dogs. And then, the new Bibi Mofaz government, the government of betrayal, will fulfill all of Israel's dreams.

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