Friday, July 31, 2009

Britain Forgets That It No Longer Runs Palestine

By Melanie Phillips
30 July 09

An eye-opening story in the Jerusalem Post takes the current anti-Israel stance by Gordon Brown’s government onto a new level still. Herb Keinon reports that the British government is funding political activity in Israel that runs counter to Israeli government policy:

British spokesman Martin Day said in an interview in Dubai with Al-Arabiya television last week that the British government was ‘taking practical steps towards freezing settlement activities.’ ‘For instance,’ Day said, ‘we finance projects aimed at halting settlement activities. One of these projects seeks to build new Palestinian neighborhoods in east Jerusalem and save Palestinian houses from demolition.’ In addition, Day said in an Arabic interview, ‘we also finance organizations that monitor settlement activities.’

Wow. Just imagine if America, say, during the Troubles in Northern Ireland had been funding projects aimed at halting Loyalist marches or building houses for Catholics in Loyalist areas.

It would seem that the British government is actively suborning the government of Israel. HMG appears to have forgotten that it stopped governing Palestine in 1948.



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