Wednesday, May 27, 2009

VPM Moshe Ya'alon:'Palestinian entity cannot be formed'

Gil Hoffman , THE JERUSALEM POST May. 26, 2009

Vice Premier Moshe Ya'alon, who is very close to Prime Minister Binyamin
Netanyahu, ruled out the creation of any "Palestinian entity" at a
conference at the Knesset entitled "Alternatives to the Two-State Outlook."

The conference, organized by Likud MK Tzipi Hotovely,
was purposely timed to coincide with the aftermath of Netanyahu's meeting in Washington with US President Barack Obama,
amid speculation ahead of Obama's key speeches to
the Muslim world and the quartet next month. The event was intended to send
a message that opposition to the creation of a Palestinian state was common
among mainstream Israelis and politicians not considered extremist.

In his address, Ya'alon outlined why every diplomatic process with the
Palestinians had failed so far and why efforts to find a solution to the
conflict must stop. He said the best that could be done now was to manage
the conflict, rather than solve it, by encouraging reforms and economic
development in the Palestinian Authority.

"I do not see any chance of establishing a viable Palestinian entity in
Judea and Samaria and/or the Gaza Strip that could sustain itself
economically," Ya'alon said. "The gap between Israel as a First-World
country and a Palestinian Third-World country is a recipe for instability. I
also don't see a chance to form a viable Palestinian entity in Judea and
Samaria and/or the Gaza Strip that could bring stability on the security
front, while chances the entity would be adversarial are very high."

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However, for those who would like to better understand what the real problem is this 43 second Youtube will probably do the job.

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