Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ariel University Center of Samaria

ATZil offers overseas students and new olim an opportunity to begin their academic studies in English while enjoying a meaningful Israel experience.

The program includes Hebrew language ulpan, adventurous tiyulim, Shabbat seminars, Jewish studies volunteering opportunities, and social and recreational programming.

Ariel University Center is home to over ten thousand students located in the picturesque city of Ariel. Accomodations are provided in modern facilities on the Ariel University Center campus.

ATZil is recognized by the Israel Government Masa program offering grants to qualified candidates.
Meet, study, and live with young Israelis from all walks of life.
Earn a degree while experiencing Israel and learning Hebrew.
Benefit from an accessible faculty that cares for its students.
For Further Information:
Contact: Yaakov Frohlich
Director of Programs for Overseas Students, Ariel University Center
Tel: +972 52 678 4706

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