Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Darchei Noam

Darchei Noam
by David Wilder

A fitting award for Noam Arnon.

Many years ago an Arab called a friend of his: "They're after me, they want to kill me and my family. No one will help us. What can we do?"

His friend, realizing the seriousness of the situation, quickly answered: "Come to my house. I'll keep you here until it's safe for you elsewhere."

The Arab and his family lived with his friend for quite a while. He had cooperated with the Israeli security forces, feeding them information over an extended time. When he was 'discovered' they abandoned him. The 'friend' who refused to leave him to his fate, and instead saved his life, was Noam Arnon; and the place was Hevron.

Sitting in an office next to a person for almost 15 years, and living upstairs from him for almost 11 years, provides you with a perspective about him that other people don't normally view.

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