Monday, May 18, 2009

In Almost Every Generation
by David Raziel (Killed on a mission inside Iraq, 23 Iyar 5701)
In almost every generation can be found individuals who possess nobility of mind, who succeed in rising above the prevailing outlook of their generation, to reach a truth that their generation sees as a lie -- A man like this, who desires to bring his ideas to the public, will of course encounter misunderstanding from the environment, a misunderstanding that brings with it hatred and enmity, or in case he is successful, just opposition. This opposition and the resulting persecution weaken the strength of this individual who is fighting to spread his opinions, and tie his hands -- during his lifetime such a man remains misunderstood, hated, persecuted. But only after a few decades -- his teachings will be understood, and those who drink from his waters will esteem the man who was born decades “before his time”.
Excerpt from an essay by David Raziel in the book David Raziel published by the Ministry of Defense, of the State of Israel.
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