Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Parents of Fallen Soldiers Teach Heroism

Parents of fallen IDF soldiers Roi Klein and Noam Apter conclude three-week tour of United States and Canada speaking on subject of heroism to local teens

Josh Lichtenstein Published: 05.27.09, 00:00
Ynet/Israel Jewish Scene

The parents of Roi Klein and Noam Apter, two fallen IDF soldiers, have recently returned from a three-week tour of the United States and Canada speaking on heroism. They were invited to speak by the Bnei Akiva North American delegation, and the Beni David pre-army program.

Major Roi Klein, a member of the Golani brigade, was killed during the 2006 Lebanon War. In the Battle of Bint Jbeil, a hand grenade was thrown into the house where Klein and his unit were positioned. Klein immediately jumped on the grenade, which killed him instantly. His act of bravery saved the lives of his entire unit.

In 2002, Sergeant Noam Apter was killed during a terrorist attack at the yeshiva in Otniel. Noam Apter was working in the yeshiva kitchen, preparing Shabbat dinner for over 100 students in the adjacent dining hall. Two terrorists snuck into the kitchen through a service entrance, disguised in army uniforms and armed with M-16 rifles. In his final moments, Apter locked the adjoining dining room door which prevented the terrorists from reaching the other students. He died in the ambush but was able to save the lives of his yeshiva classmates.

What a journey
During the journey, the Klein and Apter families visited community centers and schools in Toronto, Hamilton (Canada), Chicago, Detroit, Monsey, Long Island, and New York. Students and parents from across North America were able to learn about these two remarkable stories of bravery in the midst of danger.
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