Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Beautiful Morning in Shdema.

Over 250 people came to Shdema on Friday to celebrate the day of the liberation of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan.

Shaul Goldstein, mayor of Gush Etzion, praised the struggle for a Jewish Shdema and welcomed the new division commander who arrived in Shdema with his entire staff and officers. Shaul Goldstein blessed the new commander with the blessing that under his command Shdema should be settled and populated.

Geula Cohen, Israel prize winner and initiator of the laws annexing Jerusalem and the Golan, told us how she passed those laws and gave us a list of mistakes that were done concerning Jerusalem.

A few examples:

*The mistake of not emphasizing, prior to the Six Day war, our long lasting bond and connection to Jerusalem and the rest of Judea and Samaria- a mistake that caused the world to label us "occupiers" after the Six day war, despite the fact that we had liberated our Biblical homeland..

*The tragic mistake of bringing down the flag from the Temple Mount hours after we had won the 1967 war.

*The mistake of not settling East Jerusalem with Jews immediately after the Six Day war victory.

*The mistake of calling Jerusalem a City "holy to the three religions" when Jerusalem is only holy to the Jewish People. In Jerusalem there are locations holy to other religions, said Cohen, but Jerusalem as a city is only holy to the Jewish People.

Mistakes can be corrected. continued Cohen. and called for the immediate settling of East Jerusalem by as many Jews as possible and for the raising of the Israeli flag on the Temple Mount. The audience welcomed her speech with loud applause.

Dudu Elharar spoke to us about his connection to Naomi Shemer and sung from her famous songs. The moved audience sang along.

Letters of support by Mk Zeev Elkin and MK Dani Danon were sent to the members of the Committee for a Jewish Shdema. In the letters the two MK's praised the struggle to keep Shdema in Jewish hands and gave chizuk (support) to all those involved in that struggle.

The struggle for a Jewish Shdema continues and we call upon all to join our weekly events in Shdema.

For pictures about the event:

Pictures by Gemma Blech
Pictures by Rivka Ryback

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