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A culture which glorifies the murder of Jews, is no less deranged than its most disturbed members - by Nadav Shragai

...A society that glorifies murderers is criminal. A society that embraces the insane ("majnuns," as they are called in Arabic) who commit murder and holds them up as role models is a sick society that is no less deranged than its most disturbed members.

Nadav Shragai..
Israel Hayom..
08 October '17..

Violent husband Nimr Mahmoud Ahmed Jamal, who murdered three people in Har Adar two weeks ago, was the latest in a long line of depressive, mentally ill, or "whacked out" Palestinian terrorists for whom the killing of Jews blotted out the label "crazy" that Palestinian society had previously stuck on them.

By killing, Jamal, like dozens of other troubled murderers, resituated himself in his society as normative, and even bought himself a ticket into the Palestinian hall of fame as a shahid [martyr] for the price of the three people he killed two weeks ago.

The more mentally ill Palestinians carry out lethal terrorist attacks, the more people get used to categorizing their bloodfests as a separate genre of attack, which presents a problem. Even more than this approach goes easy on the attackers from the "new" group, it goes easy on Palestinian society, which embraces them.

A healthy, sane society keeps the deranged at a distance and cares for the troubled. But in Palestinian society, murdering Jews gives even the mentally ill and those in the midst of various emotional crises a place of honor in its ethno-religious pantheon.

In Palestinian society, the murder of Jews allows even the most delusional and problematic marginalized characters under the perverted canopy of the institution of martyrdom.

There are very few mentally ill Jews, if any, who have set out to murder Arabs as a solution to their problems. In most enlightened nations it is also difficult to find people with personal problems who will find solace for their pain in suicide bombings and killing members of other religions or nationalities.

The obvious conclusion, therefore, is that the personal troubles of Palestinian men or women who attempt to murder Jews are merely the tip of the iceberg – the foam of insanity that floats atop and feeds off much deeper currents.

A society that glorifies murderers is criminal. A society that embraces the insane ("majnuns," as they are called in Arabic) who commit murder and holds them up as role models is a sick society that is no less deranged than its most disturbed members.

Examples are hardly lacking. Many terrorist attacks by the "problematic" have been writ large in the Palestinians' bloody books, or as the official Palestinian news agency Maan once described the young dead martyrs: "The path to excellence … and to greatness is the path of those who know the way to the great victory."

Here is only a partial list of such attacks committed these past few years: Jamil Tamimi, who was convicted of committing obscene acts against his daughter and attempted to commit suicide with a razor, used a knife in an attack on the Jerusalem light rail to kill British tourist Hannah Bladon.

Fuad Tamimi, who attacked Israeli police officers last March, was a thief and a drug addict. According to the Shin Bet security agency, mother of five Fadwa Abu Tir had been suffering from long-term depression when she tried to stab Jews in the Old City of Jerusalem last year.

Abdullah Takata from Beit Fajjar, who according to the IDF was mentally unstable, tried to commit suicide by ambushing a group of soldiers while holding a knife. Amani Sabatin, a mother of four from the village of Husan near Bethlehem, who had fought with her husband and was in a poor mental state, tried to run over soldiers at Gush Etzion junction and was fatally shot.

Ahmed Youssef Amar from the village of Mas-ha, who tried to stab soldiers at a nearby checkpoint south of the settlement Elkana, was shot and killed. He left a suicide note in which he explained he had carried out the attack, hoping to die, because he was in debt to a few restaurants.

Roqaya Abu Eid, a 13-year-old girl from the village of Anata, who tried to stab a security guard at the Anatot checkpoint, ran toward her death, frustrated and furious, because of a fight she had had with her brother.

Wissam Tawabte, 34, from Beit Fajjar, was a regular patient at a Bethlehem psychiatric hospital. He murdered Hadar Buchris, 21, by stabbing her to death. Z., a schizophrenic from Artas, was wounded after committing a stabbing attack. A., who was broken hearted about breaking up with his girlfriend, who hadn't appreciated him enough, decided to prove himself to her by attacking Jews.

Again, the problem doesn't just lie with the mentally unsound who attack Jews. The more serious problem is in the society that makes its most problematic, marginalized, least valued members into its most valued after they target Jews.

An about-face like this is possible only in an environment that exalts terrorism, in a society that methodically raises its children to hate Israel and Jews.

The Middle East Forum think tank and the Simon Wiesenthal Center have now published research by Dr. Roni Shaked and Dr. Arnon Gross about the dozens of new school textbooks issued by the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah in the past two years. The report's 200 pages demonstrate the new extremism toward Jews, Israel, and peace. The books do not count the Jews in Israel among its citizens and do not recognize Israel as a sovereign state. They have deleted references to Hebrew as the national language of the Jewish people.

A few of the books stress that any Jews who remain in the country after "the thieves are expelled" will be wiped out by Muslims, with help from trees and rocks. The books also fail to mention the Holocaust. The Palestinian schoolbooks praise the Arabs who slaughtered Jews in Hebron and Safed in 1929. A Molotov cocktail attack on an Israeli bus is described as a "celebratory roast."

Even if the books do not explicitly call for terrorist attacks, they certainly glorify terrorism. Even the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is redefined. It is no longer the Arab-Israeli conflict; it has become the "Arab-Zionist" conflict, since the chances of solving the conflict with Zionism are even slimmer than the chances of solving the conflict with Israel.

Both Gross and Shaked received the impression that "the PA textbooks mentally and ideologically prepare Palestinian students for a violent struggle to wipe out Israel and 'make its Jewish residents disappear,' under the slogan of 'liberating Palestine from the Zionist occupation.'"

The findings and trends that Shaked and Gross describe, like the purified image that the mentally ill acquire after murdering Jews, are a routine part of Palestinian life outside the school walls and the world of the unfortunate. When Hamas announces that it "raises its children on love of jihad and martyrdom"; when Palestinian mothers celebrate the deaths of their sons as martyrs; when Fatah, or the official PA television, show pictures of children clutching guns; it's no wonder that insanity fits in very well with the routine of martyrdom and becomes an integral part of it.

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