Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Released in Shalit Deal, a pious Pal Arab murderer is going back (too late) to life in an Israeli prison - by Arnold Roth

...The Rewards for Terror scheme (the PA calls it something else but our name is more accurate) is an indefensible, immoral and entirely counter-productive reality that is long overdue for being stopped. Even people who see themselves as friends of Israel don't seem to appreciate that this can be stopped and easily. Those with the power to stop it are the funders. Many of them, we know, are reading this post but simply don't realize their elected and appointed officials can allow it to continue because analyses like the one we have just written in this post never get into their local mainstream media. Maybe they should.

The now-widowed Hadas Mizrachi and five of her children 
in much happier times, with her murdered husband 
Baruch Z"L [Image Source]. A family devastated 
by another Shalit Deal catastrophe
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
03 October '17..

Another beneficiary of the catastrophic 2011 Shalit Deal was re-sentenced yesterday by an Israeli court. This has gotten only minor media attention, even here in Israel.

The deal we're referring to is the massive active of terrorist extortion that induced Israel to allow 1,027 convicted terrorists, fully half of them (by our careful count) murderers or attempted murderers, to walk free in order to secure the release from Hamas of an Israeli hostage, Gilad Shalit. The terrorist of whom we write below was central to of our earlier posts: "15-Apr-14: Seder night shooting attack: dead and wounded Israeli victims" and "23-Jun-14: Quietly, inexorably, almost entirely unreported, the lethal consequences of the Shalit Transaction grow"

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