Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I'll say it: Amnesty (at least its UN Tweeter) is antisemitic - by Elder of Ziyon

...Amnesty UN has since "unliked" the tweet. But that is because of fear of embarrassment, not because of any moral problems with the tweet. The baseline thinking of the Amnesty tweeter, which is utterly consistent with everything else we've seen from that organization, is a dislike for Jews, usually demonstrated by its focus on Israel beyond nearly every country with serious human right abuses.

Elder of Ziyon..
09 October '17..

UN Watch noticed something that is more than creepy:

Haaretz published an article by Eyal Sagui Bizawe with the title "Were Egypt's Jews really expelled?" The article itself made it clear that many Egyptian Jews in fact were expelled from Egypt; the author is arguing that it would not be accurate to say that all Egyptian Jews were expelled. (Haaretz has since changed the headline dramatically, to "Jews Were Expelled From Egypt. But Can We Talk About 'The Expulsion of The Jews?'"

Later, Haaretz published a rebuttal by Israel Bonan that pretty much destroys Bizawe's thesis. Bizawe himself admits he is not a historian.

But, as UN Watch notes, the original article title questioning whether Egypt's Jews were expelled in its headline was "liked" by the Amnesty UN account.

Now, Amnesty is no fan of Egypt. It regularly tweets and writes reports that are anti-Egypt.

And the Egyptian Jews who were forced to leave Egypt (there are only a handful of old women left out of 80,000 in 1948) were not generally Zionists.

So why would Amnesty "like" an article that calls into question the Jewish narrative of what happened to the now disappeared Jewish community of Egypt?

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