Thursday, October 5, 2017

Israeli MK Ayman Odeh Asks For Unity In Israel - by Sheri Oz

...So, MK Ayman Odeh — are you only in the Knesset as a means to try to undermine Israel and replace it with a Palestine that never existed (not even in the Arab dreams of yore). And this is the kind of peace, equality and brotherhood we Jews are supposed to get behind? You fooled us during the last national election campaign; you continue to fool some of us even today. I hope that number continues to fall.

Sheri Oz..
Israeli Diaries..
05 October '17..

Does Israeli Member of Knesset Ayman Odeh talk out one side of his mouth in Arabic and the other side of his mouth in Hebrew? He put up a special post on Facebook, apparently for Jewish eyes only. You see, he usually posts in his mother tongue, with Hebrew beneath the Arabic. In that way, we Jews can read what he means to write (I hope his translation is not misleading) and not have to rely on the FB translate feature. Does he not mean for Arabs to read the post he put up for Rosh Ha-Shana? I will translate it into English below.

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