Monday, October 9, 2017

"Integrity Foundation for Humanitarian and Human Rights" say Muslim soccer on the Temple Mount is a "human right" - as is ... by Elder of Ziyon

...Essam Youssef is not the first Palestinian to try to grab headlines by characterizing himself as a human rights leader when in fact he is using a fake interest in human rights as a way to enrich himself. NGOs are a big business in the territories.

Elder of Ziyon..
08 October '17..

Essam Youssef, who is the head of a "human rights" NGO in Gaza, has declared that the kids playing soccer on the most sacred Jewish site is a "human right."

Israel's Supreme Court has ruled that soccer and other games on the Temple Mount are forbidden for desecrating the site's holiness, and the Jerusalem police are enforcing that ban, selectively, when pressured.

Youssef, who styles himself as a human rights activist, called the Supreme Court decision "ridiculous," adding how ironic it was that Israel allowed Jews to "break into the sanctities of others and desecrate the Al-Aqsa Mosque continuously"...

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