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Ahlam Tamimi, our daughter's grinning, boasting murderer, decides she's actually innocent - by Arnold Roth

...So to be clear: though she didn't do anything and says she knows nothing about the charges against her, there's no shortage of videos showing Tamimi boasting of systematically selecting a site (Sbarro) that attracts crowds of children; of the joy she felt at learning how many lives she had extinguished; about the rising pleasure of the people sitting with her as she fled the scene in a Jerusalem-to-Ramallah Arab taxi who were thrilled at the news of a growing death toll coming in over the radio about the massacre... and what a battle she faced to not admit to them that she was the bomber.

Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
31 March '17..

The woman who masterminded the massacre at Jerusalem's Sbarro pizzeria on August 9, 2001 and who was subsequently tried and sentenced (after confessing to all 15 counts of homicide) is now, finally, the subject of a United States warrant for her arrest and extradition to the US. (The Al Jazeera version of the background, along with our commentary, is here.)

Jordan, where she has been living freely since October 2011, has had an extradition treaty with the US since 1995. But it began claiming two weeks ago that the treaty has no effect... for reasons no one should take seriously.

Ignore the specious legalities. Jordan refuses to hand her over to the US because she is a national hero to the Jordanians, 70% of whom are Palestinian Arabs. To make that clearer: she's a hero not because she is innocent (no one seriously claims that) but because she did plan and she did carry out the killings of Israelis. That's what makes them proud.

Most of the people she killed were children. All were Jewish; the majority were religiously-observant Jews. None of this is coincidental. It was central to the killer's plan.

Our daughter Malki who was 15 years old was among those blown to pieces.

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