Saturday, April 15, 2017

On the heart-breaking Good Friday murder of a young woman on a Jerusalem tram - by Arnold Roth

...The horrifying reality of the WCC's highly-publicized 2014 call is that they want their member churches to be praying for the depraved Jamil Tamimi and all those other murder-minded Palestinian Arab stabbers, shooters, bombers and vehicle-rammers for whom Hannah Bladon and other innocents will always be legitimate targets. What kind of theology is that?

Kay Wilson was hacked almost to death in an earlier vicious
Arab-on-Israeli attack [Source]
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
15 April '17..

The victim of Friday afternoon's knifing attack on a Jerusalem tram is a young British student, Hannah Bladon.

Details of the circumstances around her violent, tragic death at the hands of a middle-aged Palestinian Arab man from the notorious Tamimi clan are captured in a Times of Israel report which we have extracted below.

Those circumstances highlight the unbridgeable moral chasm between inspirational lives like Heather's and the profound amorality of the Palestinian Arab killer. And not only of him but also of the many who stand with him, egging on attacks of the sort he perpetrated as well.

The moral blame for Hannah's death rests also with the anonymous civil service officials and politicians in far-off European and North American government offices who routinely rubber-stamp foreign aid payments to the supremely corrupt Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas. Those payments, funded by ordinary and unwitting taxpayers, provided the means by which the PA continues the unspeakably evil Rewards for Terror scheme about which we have written with rising fury for years.

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