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Revisiting a 2014 story ignored by the BBC – and why it matters - by Hadar Sela

...Untold stories such as that of Ayala Shapira are no less important than the fatal attacks which do make BBC headlines in helping audiences to understand Israel’s policies, counter-terrorism measures and the concerns of the Israeli people. The fact that such stories are ignored also means that when Israel is obliged to respond to rising terrorism, audiences and BBC journalists alike are unable to put events into their appropriate context and thus arrive at uninformed and inaccurate conclusions. Any media organisation genuinely committed to fully informing its audiences would make efforts to periodically report that essential context.

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Hadar Sela..
BBC Watch..
09 April 17..

Back in December 2014 we noted the absence of any BBC coverage of a serious terror attack.

“…at around 18:30 local time on December 25th – a father and his eleven year-old daughter who were driving home near Ma’ale Shomron in Samaria were attacked with a petrol bomb which set their vehicle on fire.

“The girl suffered third degree burns over the majority of her body and face and was placed in an induced coma.

Professor Zeev Rotstein, director of the Sheba Medical Center, said that she suffered life threatening burns to her torso, head, arms and legs, and that “we will do everything in order to save her life.””

The little girl who was badly burned in that attack, Ayala Shapira, is now thirteen years old and recently, as reported by Ynet, together with her mother she travelled to the European parliament to tell her story.

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