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Welcome to Cork, Ireland. Politely wishing the Jews to a nasty death - by David Collier

This was only the first day, and there are many notes to work through as I put together a complete picture of this event as it unfolds. Needless to say there is plenty more to come. And when it is done, I will be more than happy to return to London. As pretty as Ireland may be, it has done itself no favours by allowing such a vile hatred to be expressed so openly. There is no place for a Jewish state in this academic world. If these people had their way, the Jews would once more be victims of violent destruction. Hidden behind the veneer of academic talk is just the same old request. They just discuss it all in a more polite manner.

David Collier..
Across the Great Divide..
31 March '17..

Today I am in Cork, Southern Ireland. This is a story that began two years ago, with a failed attempt by a twisted academic at Southampton, to place a fake academic veneer on part of the delegitimise Israel campaign. Those that suggest this is not true are simply not listening to the organisers, the speakers or even the delegates. Activism as a central theme was ever present. There is little denying that this conference is about attempting to place additional tools in the arsenal of the anti-Israel activist. Indeed, it is clearly the primary purpose.

Two failed attempts to hold a conference in Southampton, sandwiched between legal attempts to force the hand of the university, has led us all to Southern Ireland and to Cork, where finally, Oren Ben-Dor got to hold his circus of hate. This, even though the University at Cork, distanced themselves from the event.

I have just sat through the first day of the three-day conference. I will put together a more complete write up of the entire event when it has finished. I am away from home and do not have access to many of my files for referencing. So today I just want to put some initial thoughts into words.

The setting for today was the impressive Cork County Hall. We are informed that filming is not permitted, which makes life more difficult for someone to report accurately on an event such as this. The organisation, was professionally done. The conference is split into themes, each building part of a picture that sets out to destroy Israel’s standing as a legitimate state. Just as was intended two years ago, in Southampton, each subject is discussed by a panel, all of who were presenting papers on the topic.

Of about 50 academics present, only one would consider himself Zionist. Almost all the others support the boycott of Israel, and most call openly for its demise. There were a few opening remarks to a room of maybe 170 people, and we were underway.

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