Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Independent, Israel and Bias by the Numbers - by Isaac Hart

...While no publication is entirely free of bias, The Independent demonstrates a degree of bias toward Israel that is both unusually prevalent and especially malicious.

Isaac Hart..
Honest Reporting..
13 April '17..

If an uninformed observer were to read the recent headlines in the British newspaper and web site The Independent, such a reader would most likely conclude that Palestinians are infallible and that Israel is nothing more than a uniquely destructive force in the Middle East.

The widespread publication of falsehoods like these is nothing new in the media – it was brutally exposed by former Associated Press journalist Matti Friedman in 2014 – but a new HonestReporting study illustrates the shocking intensity of anti-Israel narratives across several online newspapers.

With over 20 million unique website visitors per month, The Independent is positioned to inform millions about events occurring in Israel and the Middle East. But when reporting on the Jewish state, the publication operates on a double standard, muddling the truth in its disproportionate coverage of alleged Israeli wrongs.

In Bias by the Numbers, HonestReporting has analyzed the headlines of non-syndicated online articles that were principally related to the Israeli-Arab conflict or to Israeli or Palestinian political, diplomatic, or security events.

The findings have been stunning.

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