Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Dhimmi Jews of SOAS as a Fait Accompli

...This isn’t just about presenting a case for Zionism, this is about tainted Zionist feet walking on their holy campus. Just as radical Islam seeks to limit what other identities can do, where they can go, when they are permitted to join in and when they are not, so too it now acts on the SOAS campus. SOAS is the Al Aqsa Mosque of the London university scene. There is a huge sign outside the campus now, it reads ‘Jews not wanted’. This is what is happening. Jews are now Dhimmi on campus. Let us call it out for what it is. Either the UK government takes action against it or accepts it as fait accompli. The choice is theirs to make. Us Jews? We have other decisions to make.

David Collier..
Across the Great Divide..
27 January '17..

A dhimmi ([ðimi]; Arabic: ذمي, meaning “protected person”) refers to specific individuals living in Muslim lands, who were granted special status and safety in Islamic law in return for paying the capital tax.

Almost everyone in the UK knows SOAS is a hotbed of radical Islamic hatred. Except perhaps those that are themselves beyond the edge of rational thought. So on Tuesday 24 Jan, at the Union General Meeting, I thought it wise to take a closer look at the atmosphere. They wouldn’t have wanted me there, they asked for those present to display their student cards, but with around 150 in the room, they were never going to notice one extra attendee. Anyway, this is Senate House, I’ve spent 8 years at Birkbeck. I know my way around.

I don’t like SOAS. I have seen too much extremism, intolerance and Jew hatred displayed here. I consider it a cesspit. If the government, if those in charge at the university are aware that SOAS is a hotbed of extremist hate, then it becomes their duty to protect the minorities that are at risk. None more so that the Jews. It is clear from the recent news that those responsible for upholding our rights are letting these Jews down.

Those in the room make me uncomfortable. They are bullies, the social media mob (smob), with their hashtags and hypocritical self-righteous indignation. Aggressively swarming around their targets, seeking anybody they can link with enemy number one, the greatest evil known to SOAS students, ‘Zionism’.

The three motions on discussion that were of interest where seven, eight and nine. Seven, dealing with Zionist control of the world and the fact that the NUS Vice President has now clearly been infected with Zionism. Eight was a motion seeking to make Jewish students feel more comfortable and welcome at SOAS, and nine was regarding which external groups SOAS students should welcome onto the campus.

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