Sunday, January 8, 2017

Concerning the Azaria Verdict: A Letter To Armchair Quarterbacks/Backseat Drivers - by Sheri Oz

Will we let the Elor Azaria verdict tear apart our social fabric? We are struggling to define ourselves as a modern nation built on the ashes of our ancient homeland and how we come out from this latest challenge will play a part in that, for better or for worse.

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
08 January '17..

Dear Armchair Quarterback / Backseat Driver:

My chest aches when I see Elor Azaria and his parents, or even when I just think about them. I can imagine (or maybe I cannot imagine) the overwhelming burden of carrying an entire nation on their shoulders. That is what has become of their ordeal, an ordeal that should never, in my opinion, have reached the dimensions that it has.

Rightly or wrongly, three judges unanimously determined that Elor Azaria is guilty of manslaughter. There is now only one thing that can overturn that verdict and that is an appeal and it has nothing to do with the noise you are making in the streets or on the social media. Send in your petitions and demonstrate in the streets – I doubt this will have much, if any, effect; but if it makes you feel good, then at least be careful you do not add coal to the emotional fires of our aching nation as I promise to be careful myself.

There is nobody who is unaffected by seeing a young man handed down a harsh verdict for having killed a terrorist. I wish he had been there earlier and could have taken out his anger when the act was still in progress, something that everyone from top to bottom, right to left and front to back would have agreed was justified. I think we have mostly, if not all, reached the point where we prefer terrorists to be killed in action rather than wounded and taken in for questioning and imprisonment. But even that depends on the circumstances.

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