Thursday, January 19, 2017

Obama’s Choice: Mommy Or Daddy? Dream Or Reality? by Sheri Oz

...“I defended Israel continuously and in unimaginable ways,” he claimed. Yes, I am quite sure that you did. Every night in your dreams. I can see you now, in your heart-and-teddy-print jammies, head thrashing this way and that on your pillow, blanket getting all twisted up as you act out the scene in which Israel is attacked on all sides and YOU — Barack Obama, POTUS, strongest man in the Universe — fly in to rescue Israel, ready to carry her off in your arms to deliver her safely and soundly on a faraway planet, the location of which only you know.

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
18 January '17..

Obama had two terms to prove his mettle.

I do not think he meant to do this, but somehow he managed to turn his dealings with the Middle East into what seems like a personal vendetta against Netanyahu. Yes, I know he says he has Israel’s best interests at heart. But that is not unlike the argument put forth by the father brought before the judge for having taken a belt buckle to his 10-year-old’s bare bottom.

Jerusalem Online uploaded a section of President Obama’s last interview, quoting him thus:

In his last interview as US President, Barack Obama explains why he did not veto the UN Security Council resolution against Israeli settlement building over the green line: “I did not think that this would harm the relationship with Israel. Perhaps Netanyahu will be angry but this is nothing new. Throughout my term as president, he was angry.”

If you think about this, it is quite an amazing thing for him to have said. He did not veto a UNSC resolution against Israel because he did not think it would harm the relationship with Israel? So if I see a friend of mine being beat up on the street, I can later justify having stood there watching without any attempt to stop it with: “Well, I did not think it would affect my relationship with my friend to not intervene.”

Hands up everyone who would stay friends with me!

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