Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ten failed State Department plans for Mideast peace, and counting - by Rafael Medoff

...Prof. Troy is the author of a recent book about U.S. Ambassador Daniel P. Moynihan’s fight against the U.N.’s “Zionism-is-racism” resolution and Moynihan’s clashes with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Moynihan “feared that too many State Department bureaucrats were so concerned about how their actions would be perceived on the cocktail party circuit in Scarsdale, that it inhibited them from acting effectively—true then, true now,” Troy said. “Many State Department officials forget Moynihan's essential lesson that diplomacy doesn't just mean being nice, but requires using many different tools—because in a tough world, you can't always play nice.”

Rafael Medoff..
09 January '17..

WASHINGTON—A former State Department official’s new plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace is the latest in a long series of Foggy Bottom proposals for a Mideast solution that went nowhere.

Writing on the op-ed page of The New York Times Jan. 5, former Assistant Secretary of State Martin Indyk argued that dividing control of Jerusalem between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is the key to “moving the Israeli-Palestinian peace process forward.”

Here are the State Department’s previous major proposals for Israeli-Arab peace:

10. The Byroade Plan

Assistant Secretary of State Henry Byroade was the spokesman for a 1954 U.S. proposal for Israel to severely restrict Jewish immigration from around the world, because the Arab world considered aliyah “threatening.” A Jewish anti-Zionist group, the American Council for Judaism, helped shape Byroade’s plan.

9. The Rogers Plan

In a Dec. 9, 1969 policy statement, Secretary of State William Rogers called on Israel to withdraw to the pre-1967 armistice lines with only “insubstantial alterations.” The Israeli government under Prime Minister Golda Meir responded that if the Rogers Plan were implemented, “the security and welfare of Israel would be in very grave danger.”

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