Thursday, January 26, 2017

Is There an Inadvertent Furthering of Palestinian Propaganda at the Algemeiner and JNS?

...We are fighting what sometimes seems like a losing battle (do not worry, I am not giving up on us) in the public relations sphere and I do believe that publishing outlets, especially ones so important as Algemeiner and JNS, need to be wary of contributing in any way to malicious propaganda and mis-information, .

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
24 January '17..

How can we expect the world to understand our history and the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict if our own news sites continue to use nomenclature from “theirstory”, aka, the “Palestinian narrative”?

On 16 January, I wrote the following letter in response to an article that appeared 3 days earlier on both the Algemeiner and Jewish News Service websites. I have yet to get a response from any of the addressees.

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Dear Mr’s. Jacobson and Efune, and Ms’. McDonough and Glick:

I read the Algemeiner frequently and appreciate that it has a significant impact factor in the contemporary world of questionable journalism. I have recently learned about the work of the Jewish News Service (JNS) and understand its value. And I have long been a fan of Ms. Glick.

Given my high esteem for all of you, therefore, I was surprised when I read a recent article by Ariel Ben Solomon, entitled: “Can Israel Move Toward the One-State Solution in the Trump Era?” It was published in identical form in both Algemeiner and JNS. Ms. Glick is quoted in a way I find hard to understand. To the point: In this approximately 1000-word article, the term “West Bank” was used 9 times and “Judea and Samaria” 3 times.

Judea and Samaria was used within quotes, one from former ambassador Yoram Ettinger and one from Likud Director of Communications and International Relations, Eli Hazan. I would have expected the term to have been used throughout the article. Most disturbingly, the third use of the name of the region was in the following:

Glick [Caroline] told that Israel now faces two questions: “The first is what to do with the PLO regime in Judea and Samaria (the Israeli government’s biblical term for the West Bank). The second is how to administer the area.” [emphasis mine]

Judea and Samaria (J&S) is NOT the “Israeli government’s biblical term for the West Bank” – the West Bank (WB) is the Jordanian occupation term for J&S on a par with the Romans having called the vanquished Jewish kingdom Palestine.

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