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MK Ayoob Kara: A Study In Media Distortions - by Sheri Oz

...While this particular instance is perhaps minor, and may cause you to wonder why I would invest so much energy and words in writing about it, I suggest that this small example very clearly demonstrates how what is presented to us as news is so easily twisted and how we are so easily mis-informed by the very news upon which we rely to inform us.

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13 January 17..

We have all heard stories about how the media twists stories around and produces fake news. How often do we have the opportunity to see it in action ourselves? Here is one example I chanced upon two days ago.

On Tuesday morning (10 January), I was driving down to Tel Aviv, listening to Galei Zahal on the radio, as is my habit. The programme “Ma Bo’er” was on. Razi Barkai interviewed Deputy Minister Ayoob Kara and bereaved father David Einhorn regarding the fact that no MK or Cabinet Minister had come to any of the four funerals of the young soldiers killed in the latest terror attack in Jerusalem.

A mere ten minutes later, at 10:00, part of Einhorn’s interview was replayed on the hourly news, as was part of an interview with Minister Yoav Galant, that was heard earlier on Boker Tov Yisrael. My curiousity was sparked by the fact that the interview with Kara had disappeared as if it had never taken place. An hour later, on the 11:00 news, listeners heard only Einhorn.

The evening news programme on Mabat also carried an item lambasting the government for not having had even one single representative at any of the funerals. Deputy Minister Kara was interviewed in his car and this time he said something that sounded to me quite different from what he had said in the morning on the radio. I set out to understand what had happened between the morning and the evening.

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