Monday, November 30, 2015

Where the bodies are and what to do with them

...We described last year a festive commemoration that took place when the decomposed body of the human bomb who exploded inside the Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem was given to the PA. It's what death cults do. And no, it's not at all surprising that despite the very visible presence of Hamas flags and supporters, there's the high-profile involvement of senior PA figures. Arch-rivals they may be, but in their world everyone wants and expects to get a piece of the adulation of a certified martyr.

Green Hamas flags, Fatah/PA dignitaries 
and speech-makers, enthusiastic
crowds including lots of children: 
The festive May 2014 re-interment 
of the remains of the human bomb who 
exploded inside the Sbarro pizzeria. 
The backstory is here
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
this Ongoing War..
29 November '15..

Even dead bodies play a role in the Arab -v- Israel saga.

In a sadly familiar instance of Palestinian Arab agitprop, the Ma'an News Agency, funded by European foreign aid and based in Bethlehem, recently ran a story entitled "Israel’s decades-long policy of holding Palestinian bodies" over the by-line of Emily Mulder.

The focus is on the customary Israel-on-Arab outrages, as promoted by an entity called "Palestinian National Committee for Retrieving Bodies of Martyrs". Lip-service is paid by the writer to the cause of death of "the majority" of the Palestinian Arabs whose bodies are said to be held by Israel: in her rather colorless words, they "had killed or injured Israeli military and civilians in attacks". No hint here that these "attacks" were invariably terrorism, with the targets in most cases being civilians, including women and children. No need for anyone to be troubled by this aspect, according to Ma'an, since

"the actual involvement of others in attacks at the time of their death has been disputed by the United Nations and Amnesty International."

They presumably understand what they mean. To us, it sounds like more of what Ma'an is good at: liberal use of "alleged" when terrorism is being done to Israelis; the systematic casting of doubt on whether the attacks even happened, whether they were terrorism or "resistance", even whether the assailants had knives or whether the Israelis planted them next to the attackers' bodies. Not exactly a sophisticated approach. More a matter of heavy-handed agenda-based reporting.

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