Thursday, November 12, 2015

An Arab grandmother, an "accident", what we were told, what we know now

...Allegations that the Israelis have carried out "extra-judicial executions" are now a fixed part of the ritual, adopted by Palestinian Authority figures, by anonymous editors and reporters, and by members of the terrorists' family and/or clan. For foreign consumption only, the attackers are presented as being as innocent and pure as the driven snow. The message beamed at the Palestinian Arabic public, by contrast, is the exact opposite: the perpetrators - whether pension-age grandmothers or adolescent youths - are portrayed as martyrs, shaheeds, whose heroic actions elevate them into figures of community-wide emulation, and role models for others who will be persuaded to follow in their footsteps. A society, in other words, in the full grip of a death cult state of mind.

Immediately after the elderly woman driver
was shot, Israeli soldiers 
inspect her car:
 Halhul Junction, November 6, 2015
Image Source]
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
11 November '15..

Emphasizing the immersion of the entire spectrum of Palestinian Arab society in hateful, bigoted terror, there's some more to know about the woman in her seventies whose vehicle somehow collided with several Israelis last week, resulting in her death by gunfire. [Here's where we reported on it.]

Her name is Tharwat Ibrahim al-Sha'rawi, known also as Tharwat Sharawi and by the title Um Ayoub, presumably in honor of a child called Ayoub,

On November 6, 2015, a vehicle she was driving suddenly accelerated as it approached a cluster of Israeli soldiers near Halhul Junction, close to Hebron. (An additional ramming attack had taken place more or less in the same location a day before - our report on that is here.) The soldiers reacted quickly, and she was shot. They found a large commando knife in her handbag after the woman was rushed away to hospital in Jerusalem. She died there of her injuries.

Here's a clip of the attack as captured by an IDF helmet-mounted video camera:

In the immediate aftermath, the propaganda machine serving the Palestinian Arab side got busy with its customary denials and accusations:

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