Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Reminders that terrorist savages have a sentimental side

...Is there anything a reasonable person can learn about terrorism and what it does to people - especially to those who worship it and its practitioners - by considering this small handful of reactions to just one Islamist massacre?

Remembering the Sbarro massacre - from
 the savage's 
standpoint [Image Source]
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
10 August '15..

Yesterday (Monday), we commemorated the anniversary of a massive explosion that ripped through a pizzeria crowded with children in the center of Israel's capital city. It was a catastrophe that upended lives, futures and attitudes and - in relatively small measure - influenced public policies, at least for a time.

We are the parents of one of the children murdered there that day. In fact, a majority of the 15 lives lost in the attack by an Islamist terrorist gang on Sbarro in Jerusalem were children. (A 16th victim, a mother whose child was then two years old, remains in a vegetative state to this day.)

August 9, as it has been for the past fourteen years, was a time for writing and tweeting and receiving back messages of strength and support from the people in our lives who care for our well-being. But if we take a brief look at the Arab world - parts of it, at any rate - yesterday was a day of memories for them too.

But of a very different kind, as we found by Googling today:

This Facebook account celebrates the anniversary because of the 19 "Zionists" killed at Sbarro Jerusalem. That most of them were children goes unmentioned, perhaps because of the sheer transcendental joy of the celebration. And if they overstate the death toll by 4, so what? The human bomb is offered hearty congratulations on his fine achievement. The page has gotten 190 Likes and 13 Shares between the time it was launched on Sunday morning and 5:00 pm today, Monday, Jerusalem time.

The Sahafah Arabiah website, based in Egypt, has a tribute page honoring the killing of 20 "Zionists" at Sbarro. (Actual death tolls are evidently a minor detail once the Islamists have crossed the "massacre" threshold.) Referring to the guitar case carried on the human bomb's back and in reality filled with thousands of nails along with ten kilograms of tightly-packed explosives, the writers of the page wax lyrical about "playing melodies of revenge". It seems music does that to you, if you're inclined a certain way.

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