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Should Amnesty International be on your giving list?

...How sure is he of his facts? How sure is anyone at Amnesty, a research-based group with a vast budget, of any of their facts? The question gets a kind of answer in yesterday's Times article on Yasmin Hussein and the serious allegations against her and those responsible for her senior role

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There's an alarming expose article in the London Times yesterday ["Amnesty director’s links to global network of Islamists"] that focuses on charges against Yasmin Hussein:

...Director of International Advocacy at Amnesty International. She previously worked at Islamic Relief Worldwide as Director of Communications, External Relations and Advocacy, where she was responsible for dealing with emergency relief and development efforts, developing their global advocacy strategy and lobbying the UN, EU and governments... In 2006, she was voted one of the 100 most influential Asians in Britain. [Yasmin Hussein biography on the United Nations Association UK website, accessed today]

Amnesty's messages are widely treated as credible when human rights violations are under discussion. Its views are expressed publicly and forcefully, on the basis of being independent, impartial and (a key issue) free of any of the influence-peddling that government money can buy. NGO Monitor has published some serious findings (start here) into how credible Amnesty's claims of impartiality really are; see "Breaking its own rules: Amnesty's researcher bias and gov't funding", June 4, 2012, as one clear example.

The embassy of Israel in London reacted with dismay to a Tweet [here] by a key Amnesty figure who claimed:

Palestinian baby burned to death in settler attack. They see their government getting away with murder every day.

Is he unaware there's a serious Israeli police manhunt into the death of that baby, and of his father, going on right now? Despite the hubris and certainty of the Amnesty man's tone, no one actually knows if the deaths are because of "settler attack", or whether "their government" gets away with murder "every day" or just on Tuesdays. He's engaged in incitement advocacy of a virulent, irresponsible kind, familiar to anyone watching sections of the "human rights" industry spiral down into irrelevance.

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