Friday, August 14, 2015

What their choice of health care providers says about terrorists and their lackeys

...As the Rajoub clan settle down in one of the delightful family rooms on the Tel Aviv campus of Assuta tonight, they are probably laughing themselves silly at the witless, hypocritical fools in Europe and elsewhere who do Palestinian Arab bidding with greater gusto and enthusiasm than it gets from people living in our region, and with far less to gain from doing it.

Assuta Medical Center in Tel Aviv [Image Source]
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
14 August '15..

We developed a real antipathy to certain expressions that some reporters and editors like to use when describing the conflict in our area. One of the most offensive is "two sides of the same coin". We hear it a lot. The idea: as bad as we say the other side are, our side is no better. And our arguments and justifications sound just like theirs.

It's self-evident that the "two sides, one coin" cliche obscures far more than it clears up. We object whenever we hear it.

When a person considers the hideous allegations - genocide, apartheid, racist - routinely hurled at Israel and its people, it's evident that this is being done in at least two different ways. One of them is what the Arabs - not only, but principally, the Palestinian Arabs - do. When the extravagantly wild allegations of war crimes and conspiracies come from them, it all looks and feels like psychological warfare. They themselves, at multiple levels of their society and culture, are deeply engaged in terror. Thus, there's a strategic imperative to be able to hurl something no-less-noxious back at their opponents. So we get, for example, the lunatic and deeply offensive claims about how Gaza is the world's largest concentration camp, its people subjected to genocide, and how Israeli chewing gum is loosening Arab girls' morals.

The other, often expressed in more sober terms, is carried out by Westerners, increasingly in the guise of BDS, the boycotting, divesting and sanctioning campaign waged by elements deeply hostile to Jews and to Israel in North America, Australia and Europe. A close look at what many of the BDS groups say, and in whose company they say it, leads quickly to the realization that there is not much new there; they are engaged in the world's oldest hatred. The passions motivating BDS usually map to deep, visceral and tragically familiar hatreds.

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