Monday, August 10, 2015

Gaza and Jerusalem: Remembering the assault on Sbarro

...Complacency is a chilling stance for Israel to take. It was just such an attitude that enabled the Sbarro massacre to be perpetrated. Several days later, the Minister of Justice revealed that on the morning of August 9, 2001, all the relevant arms of the government were aware that Hamas operatives, armed with explosives, were making their way to the capital intending to bomb and murder as many innocents as possible. They decided not to warn the public. They opted not to empty the streets. They relied on police patrols scouring the summer crowds for suspicious-looking individuals. Fifteen precious souls perished because of that lame, blasé response – among them my precious Malki.

Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
09 August '15..

Each year, we visit our child’s grave on the day of her murder. And with the passing years our grief acquires fresh layers.

In 2011, we grappled with the travesty of justice that befell us via the Shalit Deal. This past week, we gathered at the cemetery with the knowledge that Hamas, the cult that dispatched her killers, has gone through a makeover.

Once considered a dire threat to Israel, Hamas is now overshadowed by the maelstrom of Iran’s nuclear threat and ISIS conquests.

Some experts even suggest that in comparison with the Gaza chapters of ISIS and Al Qaeda, Hamas is a less insidious brand of terrorism. Others don’t even see it as a danger to Israel, while still others embrace it sympathetically.

In recent weeks, to commemorate the 2014 Gaza war, news networks have intensified their quest for the video clip that most compellingly depicts the Gaza situation. Evoking pathos for the Gazans’ plight, their journalists blame Israel for that war, its casualties, its aftermath, the increasingly dismal Gazan economy and the suffering of the Gazan children. Hamas rarely get so much as a slap on the wrist.

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  1. Frimet, my heart will always be broken and crying for you on the loss of your precious Malki, as it does for all of our family in our Home on their tragedies too.
    We absolutely must take stronger measures to ensure our safety and that of our loved ones, with all those newer remade and stronger enemies of ours out there.
    I have said that we, as Jews, suffer too much in silence and in order for the world to take notice, we must cry out and mourn our losses as loud if not louder than our enemies - I know it is not our way, but I feel at this time that we should deal with the journalists - in the same way that the enemy does. Nothing else - not facts, not rational thinking and logical explanations - none of those work for us!!