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Will the Justice Department intervene on behalf of the murderers of Americans?

...If the US government intervenes it will be on behalf of an Obama administration ally, the PA-PLO. To suggest that bolstering the well-being of a terrorist organization that relishes the murder of Americans is in the interest of Americans is both irrational and mendacious.

Michael Lumish..
Israel Thrives..
06 August '15

I find myself increasingly curious about this tussle between the PA-PLO and the Manhattan federal court. Eric Tucker has an article in the Times of Israel in which he records the response of the victims to the possibility that the Obama Justice Department might intervene on behalf of the murderers of Americans.

According to attorney for the prosecution, Kent Yalowitz, "The Palestinians got a fair trial. The judgment was foreseeable, and they can afford to pay it over time.”

Indeed. But what if they simply do not want to? Given the fact that these heinous murderers have lost the trial the judge has required that they post bond pending appeal and, thus far, they have failed to do so.

In response to inquries concerning a possible US government "statement of interest" in the case, the Justice and State departments put out a joint statement:

“While we cannot comment on the substance of any possible filing, any filing would be a statement of the interests of the United States and not on behalf of the PA or any other party."

This is essentially a lie. If the US government intervenes it will be on behalf of an Obama administration ally, the PA-PLO. To suggest that bolstering the well-being of a terrorist organization that relishes the murder of Americans is in the interest of Americans is both irrational and mendacious.

In a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch the plaintiffs requested that the government stay out of the matter:

“It causes us great pain to know that our Government might attempt to undermine the judgment in our case without taking into account the very real ability of the PLO and the PA to pay the judgment over time and stand accountable for their crimes,” the letter states.

There must come a point wherein clarity begins to prevail.

The truth is that the PA-PLO is an enemy to the Jewish people, an enemy to the Israeli people, and an enemy of the United States and the West. They danced in the streets when the World Trade Center came down in Manhattan. While we were mourning our dead they were handing out candy to their children and rejoicing in the comeuppance of the Great Satan.

{I lost one of my neighbors growing up that day.}

Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, the PA-PLO is entirely counterproductive to the national self-interests of Americans, Israelis, and the entire western world. It was ex-US president Jimmy Carter that initially bolstered the career of PLO chieftain Yassir Arafat and we've been stuck with these guys ever since, but they certainly aren't helping anything.

How is it possibly in the best interest of the American people to support an organization that calls for the murder of Jews and Americans? What kind of honest cooperation can we possibly expect from a group that names schools and public squares after the murderers of innocent civilians?

It is long past time for the US government to acknowledge the fact that the Oslo "peace process" is over. It is done and it is now time to move on.

In my opinion, at this point the US should stay out of Israeli affairs vis-à-vis the internal Arab problem. (Happy, Shirlee? ) Siding with terrorists against Jews - which seems to be an Obama administration forté - only makes things worse, but one would think that would be obvious.

If the US files a "statement of interest" on behalf of the PA-PLO it will do so this coming Monday, August 10.

I wonder, if it does so, will consistent American Jewish supporters of this president, such as Volleyboy1, continue their support?

The willingness to acknowledge a mistake is a sign of character. While I have no character whatsoever, I am willing to acknowledge the mistake that I made when I voted for Barack Obama in 2008. It was a mistake on my part and I was wrong to have made it.

I am pleased to discover that my old acquaintance, fizziks, from the Daily Kos "glory days," seems to have drawn similar conclusions. In a piece entitled, I Was Wrong. On The Biggest Issue of Our Time, he writes:

There you have it. I was wrong back then. The biggest threat was not that we would over-react to terrorism. It turned out that we would seriously under-react to terrorism, and begin the process of equivocating about it, and therefore ultimately surrendering to it.

I was wrong, as well. I also concerned myself more, after 9/11, with potential American overreaction to political Islam, rather than with the rise of political Islam, itself.

Many of us made that mistake, but not everyone has the integrity of fizziks to acknowledge that mistake.

If the US intervenes in this lawsuit on behalf of the PA-PLO then it means we unquestionably have a government, under Barack Obama, that favors the enemies of Jews and the enemies of Americans.

Progressives and Democrats can justify it anyway they like, but that is the bottom line.


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  1. Michael B. Oren said:

    “The dangers became apparent in September 2000 as a Black Hawk helicopter transported me and my combat gear across the West Bank. The previous night, I looked out from our Jerusalem balcony and saw crimson fireworks bursting over the West Bank. Arafat had recently met with President Clinton and Israel Prime Minister Ehud Barak at Camp David and turned down their offer of Palestinian statehood in Gaza, virtually all of the West Bank, and half of Jerusalem. The Palestinians were now celebrating the failure of peace.”

    SOURCE: Ally (page 35) by Michael B. Oren (former ambassador of Israel to the United States), year 2015 CE, Random House, New York

  2. Cornelius Tacticus, the famous Jew-hating Roman historian who lived from year 56 CE (approximately) to year 120 CE said:

    “Much of Judea is thickly studded with villages, and the Jews have towns as well.

    Their capital is Jerusalem.

    Here stood their Temple with its boundless riches.”

    The Western World (page 141) by Pearson Custom Publishing, year 2009 CE


    {1} Muslims are LYING when they deny that Jews trace their historical origins to the Land of Israel.

    {2} Muslims are LYING when they deny that Jerusalem is the historical capital of the Jewish state.

    {3} Muslims are LYING when they deny that the Jewish Temple existed in Jerusalem.