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So where is the news reporting? - Six children seriously hurt in Gaza.

Rafah: It's in the news often, and usually with
plenty of
photos to go with the reports.
 Not this time. [
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Frimet/Arnold Roth..
This Ongoing War..
24 March '13..

From the Bethlehem-based, European-funded Ma'an News Agency, Friday:

6 children injured in Gaza explosion | GAZA CITY 
(Ma'an) -- Six children were injured in an explosion in the Gaza Strip on Friday, a medical official said. Gaza health ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra told Ma'an that six children aged 6 to 10 were moderately wounded when an unknown device exploded in Rafah. One child suffered serious injuries to his hand.

Seems like a good time to remind readers about the two rockets that were fired at Israel on Thursday March 20 but (to adopt the euphemism that is sometimes applied on those rare occasions when such shooting-themselves-in-the-leg-yet-again moments happen in Gaza) "fell short". We wrote about this here: "21-Mar-13: Rockets fired at Israelis as media focuses attention elsewhere".

The number of foreign journalists based in Gaza is not great (Ma'an does have offices and staff there). Which causes us to wonder how to interpret the silence of the BBC, normally quite proud of the independence and professional quality of its Gaza team, and particularly Gaza-based Jon Donnison in the face of this report of six Gazan Palestinian Arab children being 'moderately wounded' according to Ma'an. (We can see no report anywhere on the BBC's web presence about the maiming of six children in Gaza, but if we're wrong, we would appreciate hearing about it.)


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