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Ms. Rudoren - Visiting becomes difficult because Israelis are lynched and killed

Ronn Torossian..
Times of Israel..
26 March '13..

Continued bias today from The New York Times with the newest installment in an article about Israelis visiting Ramallah, including Arafat’s grave and elsewhere.

Jody Rudoren, the New York Times’ Jerusalem bureau chief, wrote in prose more apt for Tikkun Magazine about how an Israeli from Haifa used to venture to the “West Bank” to buy “Ovaltine, licorice, 7-Up, Wrigley’s gum,”, and “A woman who lives in a Jerusalem suburb said she used to come in the 1980s for political demonstrations.” Readers are then informed that visiting has become difficult due to “.. Israel’s separation barrier and network of checkpoints long a fixture of the landscape, contacts between the two peoples have dwindled. Fewer Palestinians work inside Israel. Dialogue groups have broken up. Camps connecting children are harder to find. The communities increasingly function as if in alternate universes.”

Ms. Rudoren: The reason “visiting” has become difficult is because Israelis are lynched and killed if they dare to visit. Suicide bombers attack Israeli cities. There is no lack of Israelis who seek “dialogue” with Arabs – yet there’s no Arab “Peace Now”. One could go on and on – but that is why “..several Palestinian cities have been officially off-limits to most Israeli citizens for more than a decade.”

The article continued by quoting the Arab tour guide reading the sign prior to entering Palestinian territory: “The entrance for Israeli citizens is forbidden,” it said. “Dangerous to your lives. And is against the Israeli law.” The guide objected to the wording. No mention from the NYT yet again about why it is dangerous to enter or against Israeli law – to protect the lives of people. And no mention that Arabs live and move freely inside Israel, or of the lack of order inside Palestinian territory. Shouldn’t the NYT argue that indeed there are Arab policemen who could protect Israeli visitors? They don’t – because they don’t want to.

This continued bias by the NYT who only last week called for an “intifada” against Israel comes on the heels of foreign policy analyst Elliott Abrams condemnation’ of Rudoren to which she apologized for errors she made. As she said then: “…I used imprecise language and, yes, did not study the map carefully enough. I deeply regret that..” And once again here she has made repeated errors.

Indeed, Ms. Rudoren there are a number of groups who allow Israelis to visit Judea and Samaria, which you call the “West Bank.” Newest Israeli cabinet member Naftali Bennett led groups for many years to YESHA, the Jewish community hosts groups in Hebron and there are others. Am sure any of them would be happy to host you and you can “Put yourself in their shoes, Look at the world through their eyes,” as Obama urged during his visit to the region.

Indeed, media bias hurts Israel. As Prime Minister Netanyahu said “If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more ‎violence. If the Jews put ‎down their weapons ‎today, there would be no ‎more Israel.‎”


Ronn Torossian is the Founder & CEO of New York based 5W Public Relations/5WPR.

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