Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Memo to female jihadists: Best to read the small print

Frimet/Arnold Roth..
This Ongoing War..
19 March '13..

Like most of our readers, we are very much aware of the adulatory language devoted throughout Palestinian Arab society to the greatness and heroism of their practitioners of terrorism. It's one of the most visible dimensions of their culture and the diabolical 'education' of their children. [We strongly recommend watching a chilling new video called "Inside the UNRWA Classroom" that displays from up close how this works in Gaza's schools. It's produced by the Nachum Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research and worth passing around.]

But far from the spotlights and rhetoric of the mass rallies, the foot soldiers of the Palestinian Arab terrorist ranks have a different story to tell. For anyone familiar with how the phenomenally rich Arab states make grand speeches and generous pledges of money to their brothers and sisters in Palestine, but then fail - year after year after year - to deliver, the brazen hypocrisy will not be such a surprise.

Still, we have not before seen such an open confession from an Arab source of how they say one thing about their regard for proven, documented terrorists, and then in the quiet and private of ordinary life do something very different. (It's almost enough to restore one's faith in human nature.) Here's what we mean:


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