Saturday, March 16, 2013

Military intelligence's view of security in a terrorism-rich environment

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This Ongoing War..
15 March '13..

Some plain-spoken security insights from Israel's Director of Military Intelligence, Maj.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi, in a presentation to this week's Herzliya Conference. Not surprisingly, the coverage it received varies in emphasis according to the standpoint of the media doing the covering.

- The Iranians constitute the "central threat" to Israel [according to Kochavi's comments quoted on the site]

- At the same time, senior figures in the Iranian regime are saying their country's nuclear program "ought to be reconsidered due to the sanctions" "The nuclear program is progressing, but Iran is making sure not to cross any internationally perceived 'red lines.' Their chief goal is to preserve the regime." [Ynet]

- "Iran's nuclear program is progressing slower than planned, but it is advancing. Despite all of the sanctions, Iran's uranium enrichment rate reaches nearly 14 kilograms of uranium per month, giving Iran the ability to develop 4-5 bombs should a decision be made to do so [Israeldefense]


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